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All the girls want.. by Annyaonweb

A really good deviation that caught my eye as soon as I saw it. I like how it isn't too complicated and is easy to relate to as it shows a typical household featuring a teenage girl just enjoying herself. As I am teenage girl myself, I can confidently express that all of these things appeal to me such as pizza, drink, nice weather tv etc. It has a big impact on me. Also I like how you used quite bright colours. I think that loads of artists these days are too busy doing complicated patterns and abstract art but this is the kind of thing that I myself admires because I can associate myself with this scenario as I have probably done it before. It definitely has a big impact on me and the title is really eyecatching. For next time I recommend using more primary colours to enhance the mood of the scene (eg on the sofa and such.) I know that that would probably improve it for me. I think it is very original too because as noted before, I see so many complicated detailed deviations on da and I just think that there is little meaning to them and that they are hard to understand or relate to. This however, is original, quirky and I am really impressed.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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